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  • Smart Reminders Save Discrepancy Resolving Time

    11 - 16 - 2017

      Time is money, every organization aims to make life easier by automating mundane tasks with technology. Timecheck software application has been recently updated with reminder alerts that proactively alert ...

  • My calendar feature enhancement to track employee attendance at a glance

    11 - 06 - 2017

      Product team@ANGLER creates a good product plan & keeps on updating it every year to give client’s an edge. A recent potential product enhancement we did in Timecheck Attendance ...

  • Timecheck Software Enhanced with Raw Data Report Feature

    August - 11 - 2017

      Processing real time attendance data with attendance tracking software will helps Organizations to save time & money. Timecheck software from ANGLER provides wide range of features to track keep ...

  • Attendance Tracking Software installed Successfully in a week’s time for a reputed hospital in Oman

    July - 5 - 2017

      We are happy to announce that in a week’s time we were able to install Our Timecheck software, a user friendly attendance tracking application for a major hospital in ...

  • Notifications Saves Sanction Authorities Time

    May - 01 - 2017

      Products are frequently improved by us with respect to market needs for business success. One significant reason for enhancing existing features is considering the needs of marketplace, to make ...

  • Reduce Human Capital Cost with Comp- off Credit Module

    April - 21 - 2017

      Time and Attendance Tracking Application from Timecheck Software equips you to successfully balance between workforce & cost control, a major thing for businesses to consider as it helps reduce ...

  • Advantages of Self Approval Feature enhancement in Timecheck Software

    March - 14 - 2017

      Market research & surveying with marketing partners/distributors, evaluating competitor product is not new in the business arena. Rising demands with specialized features for Automating Time & Attendance Monitoring is ...

  • Auto Shift Allocation Improves Employee Shift Scheduling

    Jan - 20 - 2017

      Auto Shift Allocation Improves Employee Shift Scheduling   Shift scheduling is a multi-faceted issue which organizations face in their day to day Operations. Our Timecheck software enables easy employee ...

  • Employee Management Module in Timecheck Software

    Dec - 16 - 2016

      Don’t waste your time on administrative task, it can be easily automated & enabled to give a central web-based dashboard through which you (can) manage employee’s personnel & official ...

  • SMS Integration Feature to stay on track to meet their goals

    Nov - 23 - 2016

      For small businesses and large conglomerates alike, it’s must to ensure that the organization has the human capital it needs to accomplish its goals. With emergence of tablets & ...

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