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Enterprise Partners

TimeCheck has formed strategic partner relationships with many industry leaders. We have partners in Time & Attendance services and product distribution.

Marketing Partners / Value Added Resellers (VARs)

TimeCheck believes that collaboration with relevant partner companies is an integral part of our growth strategy and global development programme. We are proud to work in partnership with serious and committed channel partners and system integrators world-wide to provide quality solutions and prompt services to our clients across the world.

We are continually looking for committed partners from a strategic and channel perspective across the globe to expand our community of Value Added Re-sellers who wish to participate and share in the success of TimeCheck’s award-winning Time& Attendance Management System in the fast-growing market.

TimeCheck team understands that our partners are essential for mutual success. Besides providing industry leading Time & attendance Solutions, we are committed to provide the best possible business ecosystem and support for our partners.

We are looking at three types of partners or Value Added Re-sellers for TimeCheck:

TimeCheck Business Partner (TBP) will market TimeCheck products with a committed focus with a dedicated sales team and make arrangements as needed for installation of products, Level 1 support. Companies or System Integrators who view Time& Attendance solution focused growth area in their business would fit here.

TimeCheck Associate Partner (TAP) will primarily focus on sales & marketing of TimeCheck product and would outsource to local marketing partners or TBPs to do the product installation. Companies who prefer to be dealers and re-sellers fit here.

TimeCheck Referral Partner (TRP) will primarily generate and refer enquiries from clients and contacts to TimeCheck HO or TBPs as referral partners.

If you are interested in becoming a ANGLER Partner or Value Added Reseller (VAR), please fill the Partner with Us form below to receive more information about establishing a long-term business opportunity with TimeCheck.

System Integrators

TimeChecks growth philosophy is also based upon a strong partner network. Our progress historically and in the future, is centered on utilizing the talent and knowledge that experienced Time & Attendance management professionals bring to the marketplace.

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Large System Integrators

TimeCheck has successfully partnered with large system integrators & service providers, combining their consulting, services & integration expertise with our award-winning TimeCheck product to deliver comprehensive Time & Attendance Solutions for medium to large businesses to get Immediate & Outstanding business benefits.

While large system integrators play a critical role in providing Time & attendance Solutions for large customers because of their services or consulting know-how, industry domain expertise and intimate knowledge of the customer’s business, TimeCheck brings the other vital piece of the solution namely an award-winning high-quality & software product for Time & Attendance Solutions

We believe in collaborative partnerships as a key strategy for growth and we have pursued this model successfully in order to create mutually beneficial relationships for TimeCheck, our large system integration partners, and our customers.

We are looking for expanding our large system integrator partner community that would include global system integrators & service companies, niche HR consultancies and leading regional SIs. As a Large System Integrator a partnership with TimeCheck allows you to:

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