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Today's local, state and federal governments, public sector and governmental agencies are navigating a complex economic environment. The growth in demand for public services is outpacing the growth in tax revenues - challenging governmental organization to find innovative ways to deliver their services in a more efficient manner.

Many government and public sector organizations require a Time & Attendance solution that can easily handle multiple shift schedules and frequent staff changes. TimeCheck is a proven Time & Attendance solution that can reduce the labour expense in governmental organizations. TimeCheck Biometric / Fingerprint Authentication terminals can be installed at multiple locations, delivering accurate and reliable data no matter how large or small the staff.

TimeCheck can be used by any Government & Public Sector organizations where managers can access the system with any computer via a web browser and the system automatically e-mails reports to them. Combined with the ability to handle the unique rules that they are following example on leave, permission and deductions employee and manager acceptance is one of the most significant factors in determining the success of a time accounting solution and TimeCheck is designed specifically to provide the solution that managers and the employees want in government organizations.

Solution Offerings

  • Manage complex shift management requirements efficiently
  • Integrating time & attendance, OT data with payroll with a variety of third party applications
  • Export Data option to leave, attendance information & OT data in various formats like CSV, XLS, XML, etc.
  • Providing managers with a wealth of employee data in order to make critical decisions regarding shift scheduling
  • Shift Pattern and Shift Roster features to assign shifts for a complex and huge employee base with just a single click
  • Multilingual support facilitates user to set the language like English / Arabic
  • Year Closure feature to carry forward the leave balances to next year
  • Administrator can view the attendance of their entire staff through the application
  • Comprehensive Leaves and Holiday management schedules to define Global and Restricted Holidays
  • Administrators can communicate with the Staff members through the application
  • Seamless integration with Fingerprint, Biometric & RFID devices
  • Various standard and customized reports for monitoring and reference
  • Audit Trial Handling and Manual Time Entry options

Learn more about TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance Solutions for Government & Public Sector organizations and how it can help your organization.

Contact Us to start saving on your Time & Attendance management and business automation processes today - or read our Case Studies to learn what TimeCheck has done for other businesses and see how our Time & Attendance Software works for your industry.

Other Industry Based Solutions


  • Application with Multilingual feature -supports both in English and Arabic
  • Managing with discrepancies for missed out / odd punches
  • Web Based employee leave, permission request and approval process
  • Generation of reports in various formats like PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.

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