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TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance Solutions is suitable any Textiles & Garments industry where employer can track the complete details of Employees Attendance which simplifies the time-consuming routine of real-time processing attendance data by reducing administration time and associated costs.

Solution Offerings

  • Manage complex shift management requirements efficiently both for permanent employees and contract labours
  • Easy integration with Biometric devices. Map the devices with entrances and punch types in much easy way
  • Shift Pattern and Shift Roster features to assign shifts for a complex and huge employee base with just a single click
  • Using Shift Exchange feature, you can swap the shift between two employees in a much simpler way
  • Effective Discrepancy Management for missed out / odd punches
  • Overtime Management feature to define and configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours
  • Calculate Weekly Off Overtime Hours and Holiday Overtime Hours effortlessly
  • Statutory reports such as Wages report, Employee IN / OUT report, Muster Roll report, Pay Slip, etc.
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis

Learn more about TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance Solutions for Textile & Garment industries and how it can help your organization.

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Other Industry Based Solutions


  • Automates attendance data collection and reporting of employee shift allocation
  • Successful integration of Biometric device with the application
  • Reduces the human time on gathering employees time information
  • Easy & effective management of leave policies for employees of each group
  • Generating reports in other formats like Pdf,doc.

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