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Advantages of “Shift Change Notification & Fixing Defined Weekly Off for the Shifts” in TimeCheck Software Bookmark and Share

September - 10 - 2018 Employee Shift Scheduling Software  

In any business organization or industry, if the strength of employees crosses the 100 mark, then managing the daily shift becomes a challenge and in particular, when allocating the weekly-off for employees who work in different sections and for different days. It is definitely more challenging in a manufacturing industry. When the HR manager or production manager allocates shift changes for workers, industries require immediate notifications to the workers involved, via any mode, such as circular, sticking note on board, SMS, etc.

However, the latest improvement in TimeCheck software development has included a new module for shift change requests.

  • If the production manager or HR manager updates any records in the Shift Change Request module, it would be immediately reflected in the approval module and approval status notification will be generated immediately and updated on the respective employee’s login.
  • While making the shift allocation on the module, the admin or HR manager can directly select the appropriate shift they request along with the required weekly off days too.

In line with this feature, it becomes easy for employees to login with their respective IDs and check on the shift notification themselves. They can find the future dates based on the intimation and can arrive for work on the mentioned dates.

  Advantages of this module are:
  • Elimination of confusion in shift allocation.
  • Saves time in shift scheduling.
  • It easily deals with last minute changes in shift.
  • It enables forecast shift wise employee availability based on workload.

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