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Attendance Tracking Software installed Successfully in a week’s time for a reputed hospital in Oman Bookmark and Share

July - 5 - 2017  

We are happy to announce that in a week’s time we were able to install Our Timecheck software, a user friendly attendance tracking application for a major hospital in Oman region. The application has modules to manage their employee’s Time and Attendance easily and effectively. By installing this Employee Attendance Tracking Software Application, the hospital with huge employee strength was able to automate shift allocation for all the staff under each department.


Diverse modules in the time & attendance software assisted the hospitals to save time on administrative cost, improve employee shift scheduling, centralize attendance data crucial to get real-time visibility. Specifically, the Shift Scheduling feature assists HR Manager to Eliminate Shift Scheduling discrepancies, avoid manual mistakes, swap shifts between two employees planed in a single click besides enjoy a better collaborative approach between staffing needs and employee preferences.


We installed the application as such without undergoing any customization, Application by default has all features that the client was in need of, it facilitates authorized user to plan and manage Flexi shift employees and Non-Flexi shift employees effortlessly, HR Manager can set flexible shift timings either for the whole company or for an Individual employee, so that the time and attendance data is calculated based on flexi shift timings assigned to the employee. Automatic scheduling of reports and Dashboard features in the Timecheck application helps managers to segregate employee wise attendance data for payroll calculation.


To know more about the application features Contact us, we can suggest you ways to automate it & handle it efficiently.

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