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Jan - 20 - 2017  

Auto Shift Allocation Improves Employee Shift Scheduling


Shift scheduling is a multi-faceted issue which organizations face in their day to day Operations. Our Timecheck software enables easy employee shift scheduling and helps businesses to Eliminate Shift Scheduling Headaches, manage shifts and significantly decrease their workload.

Time check Improved Shift Management feature

Latest Improvement to the software does more than employee scheduling, assists HR Managers by doing Auto Shift Allocation, Holiday creation for the New year in Year Setting Module. This improved feature reduces the manual work in shift allocation, gives flexibility for managers to enable the options of Auto shift allocation for all employee to new year & carry forwarding of Global Holidays to new year

Nearest Matching Shift Report

Further to the above, whenever employee doing Shift In based on the timing this report will suggest the nearest shift details of the employee to do the shift allocation. It gives clear visibility for Department heads / Admin user to know which employee has come in the different shifts based on the actual shift in punch.

By using traditional methods of scheduling. employee preferred shifts noted down are missed out at times and so discrepancies occur. To avoid such mistakes and get a better collaborative approach integrate Timecheck online employee shift scheduling software that does auto shift allocation and checks for worker availability and fastly enables to balance between staffing needs and employee preferences. To know more about this application Contact Us.

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