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11 - 06 - 2017  

Product team@ANGLER creates a good product plan & keeps on updating it every year to give client’s an edge. A recent potential product enhancement we did in Timecheck Attendance Tracking Software is my calendar feature.


Every Organization HOD’s will regularly monitor their Team Member’s various attendance status report like present / absent / leave. At times they are also in need of session wise attendance of Team Member. To get this currently the HOD’s are individually navigating to the appropriate reports and monitoring the information.


In Timecheck Software, we have now done My Calendar module enhancement, enabled HOD’s to get Team Members attendance related information for each date at one shot. Besides the HR / Admin can view the attendance status of whole organization at one shot like No of Present / No of Absent / No of Leave on session wise.


In-line to the feature update, we have now given My Calendar module privilege to all login. This feature update saves time. Based on the Module Rights the approval authorities / HOD's will be able to get the Team Members current attendance status. To know more about this application Contact Us.

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