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Jan - 17 - 2015 employee-overtime-management-solution

“Time is money “ We all live in real-time world where time flies so quickly before we even realize and so it’s vital to schedule and place a value on time to remain successful. For companies that employ hourly labour employee overtime management is central to know how much overtime is costing your organization. With effective planning, & overtime hours monitoring you can get insight data to effectively manage remunerated overtime, limit overtime expenditure and improve strategies.

As counting all of the time that employees spend at work manually remains confusing & tedious task, all you need to do is automate your employee overtime management. By configuring overtime settings & respective calculation factor based on the company’s rules and regulations you can count all of the time that employees spend at work effortlessly as well identify grey areas which would help you assess for better decision making.

Timecheck time tracking & management software has specialized features for ease of advance planning and scheduling employee overtime. By configuring multiple reports you can improve the efficiency, productivity without any hassle. To easily manage the overtime schedules and track details contact us.

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