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Timecheck Rolls Out Intelligent Dashboards to Monitor Attendance & Exception Details Bookmark and Share

Jun - 30 - 2015 time attendance tracking system

Organizations looks for ways to reduce the cost and productivity loss associated with employee absenteeism, for this Tracking of employees’ time & attendance is vital. Employee attendance monitoring system has features to create & manage shifts, define attendance policies, track every employee's in/out time based on departments, employee types, and multiple office locations.

Timecheck software team being aware of evolving technology and emerging needs, has recently upgraded the applications dashboard with features that helps organizations monitor both key parameters and exceptions this enables decision makers to achieve significant productivity.

Timecheck attendance tracking system is upgraded with following features

  • Timecheck software’s user-friendly grid view and graphical representation.
  • Ability to export excel & PDF options allows HR managers to effortlessly get overview on the status of each transactions such as leave, on duty & permission pending, forwarded & approved.
  • New dashboard enables users to monitor system functionality, understand the effectiveness in addition to various potential issues.
  • Attendance Data Board enables user to view details on approved permissions & Approved On duty
  • Exception Data Board enables user to get details on less hours worked, overtime, discrepancy & Non processed records

  • If your time and attendance tracking system lack the capability to monitor attendance in real time or do not provide the visibility needed to improve day-to-day operations then contact us to get Time and Attendance solutions that are closely aligned to your needs.

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