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Other Features
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TimeCheck is a powerful Time & Attendance System with a plethora of features such as:

Temporary Weekday: Temporary Weekday is a feature available in the TimeCheck through which the closing time of the company can be entered / declared on a working day due to some uncircumstance situations that is raised like Strike or Local Bandth etc.

Additional Weekly Off: Additional Weekly Off is a feature available in the TimeCheck that enables to define the additonal weekly off for example 2nd Saturday.

Audit Trial : This feature helps to track the changes made in key masters & configurations in the application. This can be used for tracking & Security purpose.

Swipes Handling : This feature lets you to neglect the un-wanted punches or include the required punches to avoid discrepancies.

Master Data Import: Master Data Import is a feature available in the TimeCheck that helps to import the master data including Employee organizational levels, employee details category, employee type, designation, etc., in one single click using predefined template.

User security management: TimeCheck provides flexibility to define Organization Level Hierarchy, allow you to classify different user groups and assign privileges to each user for accessing the respective module in organization level. TimeCheck moulds to the organizations hierarchical reporting structure and protects sensitive employee information with comprehensive security layers and limits supervisors or managers with only their relevant information.

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