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Hardware Integration

Timecheck Integrates with any Face recognition & Biometric attendance devices

Timecheck’s feature rich employee time and attendance software can be integrated with most Biometric and Smartcard terminals. Various supporting Hardware Devices include Suprema, ESSL face recognition system, Anviz Face Pass Pro, ZK, Iris, Hanvon & Suprema Face Recognition Devices.

Types of Database Integration

Timecheck’s Time and Attendance software can be integrated with third party hardware devices by linking different fields of both the database.

Benefits of Software Integration:

Listed below are the ways in which an organization can benefit through seamless integration with third party applications:

  • Accurate Attendance Data Transfer
  • Smooth and Quick Processing
  • Minimized Human Intervention
  • Reduced Time Spent for report generation
  • Increase in Overall Productivity

Click on the products to know more about the features & specifications of some of the product you can integrate TimeCheck software with.

Integrated with following Biometrics and Face Recognition Devices

Our TimeCheck attendance software is highly feasible and able to integrate with essl face recognition & Anviz FacePass Pro face recognition devices and always helps to get an real time attendance data. Regardless of your desired functionality or business need, Timecheck Software integrates with above said third party devices & saves a lot of time, money. Our fully integrated & automated solution ensures accurate reporting of attendance data on time as per business requirement.