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Our comprehensive Time and Attendance Software offers a plethora of benefits for your business including:

In today’s global, well-connected environment, regardless of your desired functionality or business need, installing an attendance software with Biometric / RFID devices or access controllers isn’t enough as HR / department heads has to manually process data from these devices. A complete all-in-one attendance management system with custom features is required to gain real-time visibility via Dashboard.

Cost Saving

Save 33% of substantial Operational cost by controlling the Exceptions (Late entry, Early exit, Less Hours Worked & Discrepancy) & getting Attendance Reports (Present, Absent, Leave, On duty) on time.

Control Overtime approval workflow through Overtime Rules Implementation and save upto 20% extra cost spent unnecessarily.

Real Time Data Processing

Manage Multiple Company’s Attendance Data

Time Saving

Achieve 33% timesaving on planning resource availability by letting managers get advanced notification of important transaction enquires (Leave, On duty, Permission).

Gain 42 % Time saving by watching to the dashboard/ mobile compatible reports triggered/ scheduled automatically to Managers / Department heads for quick decision making.

Adapts Any Organization Business Needs

Improve Staff Productivity

Comprehensive Benefits

  • Efficient real-time data processing
  • Works over both Intranet or Internet
  • Compatible with most Smartcard & Biometric terminals
  • Cost saving with accurate time reporting
  • Easily adapts and moulds to organization’s rules & reporting structure
  • Simplifies HR & timekeeping process
  • Accurate attendance data to improve employee productivity
  • Facilities to take timely decisions in running their operations
  • Effective management of employee’s overtime data
  • Extensive list of reports with various filtering options
  • Export data easily in various formats like XLS / PDF