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Please take a look at this list of frequently asked questions about TimeCheck. If you have any further questions, please contact TimeCheck Customer Support.

What is TimeCheck?

TimeCheck is enterprise grade web-based software for processing time recorded using any Industry standard Smartcard or Biometric terminals across the organization, including remote locations over the intranet or Internet. TimeCheck offers you a complete Time & Attendance solution to improve your business productivity.

What are the applications of TimeCheck?

TimeCheck provides tremendous value in numerous scenarios such as:

  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprises
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • IT Software Services
  • Government Organizations & Associations

What does TimeCheck do?

  • Adapts to the organization′s business rules
  • Moulds to the Organization′s hierarchical reporting structure
  • Helps Employers / Managers to electronically track their employees in a transparent manner
  • Operates according to Industry standard terminals, Smartcard & Biometric
  • Simplifies the time-consuming routine of processing attendance data
  • Facilitates to take timely decisions in running their operations
  • Simplifies HR & Timekeeping process
  • Integrated with payroll package to ensure on-time payment of salaries
  • Reduces human errors& delays

What benefits do I get from TimeCheck?

  • Web-based software
  • Efficient real-time data processing
  • Works over both Intranet or Internet
  • Compatible with most Smartcard & Biometric terminals
  • Cost saving with accurate time reporting
  • Improved staff productivity

Tell me about the Security aspects of TimeCheck?

Audit Trial feature helps you to track the changes made in this application for security purpose.

What are the Reports that I would receive out of TimeCheck?

TimeCheck offers a wide range of customizable reports to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding organization. You can get a number of comprehensive reports containing information on Attendance, Late In/Early Exit, Shift, Leave/Permission etc. Reports can be previewed online and each report can also be exported as PDF, excel or word.

Can I able to add multiple companies and maintain the Attendance data of all the companies?

Yes. You can add multiple companies and able to maintain the Attendance data of all the companies.

Can I restrict the user from accessing specific modules?

Yes. Using user group module you can define different types of user groups and assign privileges to each user group for accessing each modules and sub Modules in organization level wise.

Mention the supporting browsers for TimeCheck?

TimeCheck is supported in IE 6, 7, 8 and Firefox 3.6.

How many employees can be created?

There is no limit. Any number of employees can be created.

How many languages does TimeCheck support?

Currently TimeCheck supports English and Arabic

How can I get Licensing and Pricing details?

Please do contact us.

What are the minimum and maximum system requirements for TimeCheck installation?

Server system configuration is based on number of users in TimeCheck.
Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS (32 bit) – Windows XP
  • Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server)
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Hard Disk – 40 GB

High End System Requirement (Approx. 2000 Employees):

  • OS (32 bit) – Windows XP / Windows 2003 Server / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server)
  • RAM – 2 GB
  • Hard Disk -160 GB (min)

How to track Overtime (OT) using TimeCheck?

The user can set separate OT hours for Weekly Off or Holiday and the user can give priority for Weekly Off or Holiday in case if both lies on the same date. Also the user can round off the OT hours for attendance calculations.

How TimeCheck handles On Duty?

The user having privileges can enter the shift in and out time manually in case of On Duty or if an employee forgets to punch.

What is Discrepancy?

The odd punches (In Time without Out time or Out Time without In time) are called discrepancies.

How to handle discrepancies?

The user having privileges can fill the discrepancies and close the same.

Can TimeCheck support flexible work hours?

Yes. The user having privileges can set flexible timings for executives.

Can TimeCheck support bulk insert of employee details instead of doing it manually?

Yes. You can import employees, organization information from an excel sheet.

Can I restrict the overtime hours for certain employees?

Yes. You can approve or reject the overtime hours for particular employee or organization.

Can I request Leave / Permission through online?

TimeCheck helps users submit their leave/permission requests on line to get the approval from the concerned authorities.

Can the approval authority able to cancel the Leave / Permission request?

Yes. The approval authority can reject or forward the request to next approval authority or approve the request.

How the approval authority knows that a Leave / Permission request has raised?

An automatic email will be triggered to both the applicant as well as the authorized personnel with the appropriate status (Pending, Forwarded, Approved, and Rejected)

Is it compulsory to have the approval process in TimeCheck?

No. It is not mandatory. You can restrict the approval process, so that the applications (Leave, Permission, Manual Entry, and Overtime) will be automatically approved.

Can I restrict the leave days and permission hours based on the type of executives?

Yes. You can create various leave policies according to the type of executive where you can restrict the leave and permission hours.

Can I carry over the remaining leaves to the next year?


Can I able to exchange the shifts between two employees?

Yes. It is possible in TimeCheck using Shift Exchange feature.

How to allocate shift in TimeCheck?

Shift can be allocated using individual shift or shift pattern or shift roaster.

Can we combine multiple shifts and allocate to employees?

Yes. Using shift pattern we can combine different shifts and this shift pattern can be allocated to an employee.

What is the difference between shift pattern and shift roaster?

Combination of different shifts is shift pattern whereas combination of different shift patterns is shift roaster.

Can I able to allocate shift for bulk employees?

Yes. You can allocate shift for any number employees for any duration.

Can I change the shift for a particular day alone?

Yes, you can change using temporary shift allocation.

How to check whether shift is allocated for an executive?

TimeCheck offers shift not allocated report to view the executives for whom the shift is not allocated.

How can I handle the attendance for the working day, but it happened to close the organization in the middle due to Strike or etc?

TimeCheck offers to enter the Closing Time for that particular day using Temporary Weekday setting.

Whether TimeCheck supports various Terminal Data Types?

Yes, TimeCheck supports various Terminal Data types like MDB, RDBMS, Delimiter & Fixed Length.

Whether splitting of Global and Restricted Holiday is possible in TimeCheck?

Yes. TimeCheck offers the feature of Holiday Settings to do the holiday declarations, which gives flexibility to the employees and management to selectively choose the region specific holidays for each and every employee.

What is Timecheck Month Closure and Year Closure?

Month Closure – This feature allow to process the attendance data of the employee by proper verification which includes employee hours worked,overtime worked,leave details, late entry, early out, etc., that are required for payroll calculation for a particular duration and to lock the same.

Year Closure – This feature helps to calculate his leave arrears and transfer his arrears to the next successive year, also you can calculate his Leave Encashment easily.

What are the Various Formats that TimeCheck supports on Data Export?

Export Data feature supports various formats like XLS, XML and CSV.

Can I able to allocate the Flexible Shift Timings for individual employee and as well as for an organisation?

Yes, it is possible to allocate the Flexible Shift Timings for individual employee and as well as for an organisation.

Does TimeCheck support Multiple Languages?

Yes, TimeCheck provides multilingual support for English and Arabic languages. Other languages customization can be done based on the need.

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