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Dec - 16 - 2016  

Don’t waste your time on administrative task, it can be easily automated & enabled to give a central web-based dashboard through which you (can) manage employee’s personnel & official details in an effective manner. Every organization look for ways to improve employee management, as a means of attaining it they should invest in a web-based employee management system to handle it efficiently. This Module / feature is in TimeCheck’s Time & Attendance Software, it enables you to digitize all manual data entries seamlessly.


Timecheck’s Employee Management

HR manager can create and manage employee’s personnel & official details in an effective manner. Further the application allows authorized user to use the import option, reduce the manual entry, assign leave policy even for one employee.

Master Data Import – Simple

Authorized user can import the employee details in much faster way. It reduces the data entry work during implementation.

Master data import – Advanced

This module facilitates the authorized user to import organization level details, employee’s personnel & official details in much easier way. It avoids data entry work in the implementation phase.

Bulk Configuration

This module facilitates the authorized user to download the template & upload the employee’s data in bulk manner for overtime eligible employees, compensatory off eligible employees, overtime – compensatory off eligible employees & report – exclude option in single click of button

Improved Employee Management

Included the new option (Avatar) in employee creation where the employee photo can be placed and it will be displayed in the employee details view screen. When user logins to his account based on the configuration of user details avatar will be displayed if not configured the default image will be brought into display.HR manager / authorized user can track employee history details using employee history report.

To automate your employee management and simplify administrative task you can contact us.

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