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  • Advantages of “Attendance Regularization Request” in TimeCheck Software

    August - 06 - 2018

      Tracking attendance of employees is paramount for avoiding potential staffing issue. Automation of employee attendance tracking ensures work hours not being abused, makes employee accountable for their time and ...

  • Advantages of “Attendance in Mobile App” in Timecheck Software

    June - 28 - 2018

      Accurately tracking employees’ time is a critical task for businesses today. Without monitoring the exact time of field force employee’s businesses could be losing money. But by using this ...

  • Advantages of “Cumulative Minimum Work Week Hours” in Timecheck Software

    may - 17 - 2018

    Business organization compensate employees for the time they spend at work. Employers do require their department head’s to keep track of & record employee working hours for accurate payroll processing. ...

  • Advantages of “Email Scheduler” in Attendance Tracking Software

    Apr - 16 - 2018

    Organizations that lack in proper management of employee absenteeism will let you to miss deadlines, customer service levels which in turn leads to witness drop in productivity. Attendance tracking software ...

  • Overcome Shift Scheduling Challenges & Manage Effectively

    March - 14 - 2018

    These days, we could see shift scheduling as one of the most businesses concern for manufacturing companies to meet supply & demand. Companies that leverage more than a single working ...

  • Overtime Hours Approval with work Validation

    Jan - 29 - 2018

    Timecheck Software ensures to track and log all product suggestions received from users. A recent feature enhancement done to overtime hours’ validation module in our Employee Attendance Tracking Software delivers ...

  • Planning & Shift Scheduling made easy with Timecheck Software

    Dec - 22 - 2017

      Technology makes life easier, it helps employees to have a clear, updated calendar schedule beforehand. Employee shift scheduling is an important concern every business manager faces in their day ...

  • Smart Reminders Save Discrepancy Resolving Time

    11 - 16 - 2017

      Time is money, every organization aims to make life easier by automating mundane tasks with technology. Timecheck software application has been recently updated with reminder alerts that proactively alert ...

  • My calendar feature enhancement to track employee attendance at a glance

    11 - 06 - 2017

      Product team@ANGLER creates a good product plan & keeps on updating it every year to give client’s an edge. A recent potential product enhancement we did in Timecheck Attendance ...

  • Timecheck Software Enhanced with Raw Data Report Feature

    August - 11 - 2017

      Processing real time attendance data with attendance tracking software will helps Organizations to save time & money. Timecheck software from ANGLER provides wide range of features to track keep ...

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