Complete Time & Attendance Solutions

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Our comprehensive Time and Attendance Software offers a plethora of benefits for your business including:


  • Efficient real-time data processing
  • Works over both Intranet or Internet
  • Compatible with most Smartcard & Biometric terminals
  • Cost saving with accurate time reporting
  • Easily adapts and moulds to organization’s rules & reporting structure
  • Simplifies HR & timekeeping process
  • Accurate attendance data to improve employee productivity
  • Facilities to take timely decisions in running their operations
  • Effective management of employee’s overtime data
  • Extensive list of reports with various filtering options
  • Export data easily in various formats like XLS / PDF

Quantifiable Benefits

Substantial Cost Saving – Saves Operational cost (33%) by controlling the Exceptions (Late entry, Early exit, Less Hours Worked & Discrepancy) & getting Attendance Reports (Present, Absent, Leave, On duty) on time in an easy manner

Facilitates to Reduce Saves Unnecessary Overtime by Controlling through Overtime Approval work flow with organization based Overtime Rules Implementation and hence saves 20% extra cost spent on overtime

Approval Work flow with notifications of Important transaction entries (Leave, On duty, Permission) will give advanced notification on the Managers for Planning & Monitoring. It leads to reduces the unwanted time spent on such aspects – 36 % Time saving

Automatic Scheduling & Email triggering of reports, Dash Board & Mobile Compatible Feature gives good value addition to Managers / Department heads to take quick timely decisions. It leads considerable time saving – 42 % Time saving

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