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By Admin / July 17, 2020

Geo-Attendance the better location based Time & Attendance software.

Companies across the world are quickly replacing outdated employee attendance tracking with software driven Time & Attendance solution. The system...

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By Admin / June 17, 2020

Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees

Due to COVID-19, companies are having to enforce a work from home policy that will keep employees safe & also let...

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By Admin / April 24, 2020

Ways to Manage Remote Employee Attendance During the Covid Crisis

As lockdown continues over a moth for now due to Coronavirus many companies are implementing flexible work arran work-from-home adoption...

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employee time management software
By Admin / October 24, 2019

Configure Custom Attendance Policy to increase productivity & improves profits

In an increasingly changing business environment we are all using technology to drive business benefits. Using time & attendance system...

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Smart Attendance Tracking Software
By Admin / October 10, 2019

Benefits of Mobile Time & Attendance App for Employee Time Management

We all live in the world where everything is constantly on the move. With the growth of technology, most companies’,...

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time and attendance monitoring system
By Admin / September 21, 2019

Solution to Simplify Time Tracking & Fix Absenteeism in the Workplace

Employers believe the phrase “You cannot improve what you don’t measure”. In today’s workplace its crucial for employers to fix...

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Time and attendance software
By Admin / June 20, 2019

How does a time & attendance system add value to your business?

In today’s time HR managers face many challenges & to be successful they have to invest in technology that would...

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Fingerprint Attendance Software
By Admin / June 3, 2019

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Software Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Organisations around the world are quickly replacing outdated systems, going for modern attendance tracking with software driven biometric time &...

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Employee Shift Scheduling Software
By Admin / April 30, 2019

Best Practices of Shift Swapping with Attendance Software

In some businesses and organisations workers take to shift swapping more often than not. It is a common practice found...

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