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Ways to Overcome Staff Absence That Impacts Business Productivity

Mar 1, 2016 by admin No Comments

Employee absenteeism is associated with a lot of negative outcomes and organization must aim to avoid it significantly and reduce the costs associated with staff absences. In fact, when an employee has an absence, productivity suffers because of it and it leave customer questions unanswered. A recent survey states that even for small businesses this cost will quickly add up and make up to 4% of total annual payroll expenses.

If you are concerned with staff absence consider integrating TimeCheck Software that keeps track of employee time & attendance & also aids you with absence reports which can give you full visibility of employee absences. Having the data of planned & unplanned leaves of employees will help employers to make smarter business decisions. With this technologically advanced time and attendance system you can approve leave, manage different types of leave such as Casual Leave, Sick Leave, Earned Leave, Loss of Pay etc, based on this you can reduce impact on productivity.

By creating customized attendance policies as per your organizational needs you can streamline your employee leave. Further, you can either approve or reject staffs leave based on various eligibility criteria. Finally an e-mail with appropriate status (Pending, Forwarded, Approved, and Rejected) will be automatically triggered for all stakeholders in this process to plan the task in advance & thereby make the best use of scarce resources more efficiently


  • •Cut down on administrative time
  • •Significantly Increase Client Satisfaction
  • •Improve Organizational efficiency
  • •Reduce impact on productivity
  • •Eliminate human error
  • Companies with large employee numbers and employers who wish to have visibility / full control over employees’ leaves can contact us.

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