Covid-19 Specific Features
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Covid-19 Specific Features

Covid-19 The Coronavirus has completely changed the business environment, mandating Organizations to adopt Touchless Attendance Technology, Remote working & online timesheet management.

In Timecheck to facilitate HR Team, Admin Team and to end resources for managing the effective Time and Attendance from the place where they are we have brought out the specific features.

WFH Policy

Organization can able to define the clear WFH policies for various departments and employee categories on yearly basis as like Leave policy.

WFH Requisitions

In this Covid situation individual employee(s) considering their health & safety, Family member’s health, Travel restrictions can able to make official WFH request as per organization policy

WFH Approvals

The entire WFH request can be individually reviewed and get sanctioned by authorities. The attendance for WFH sanctioned days will be considered by Timesheet entry only instead of time log.

Project Module

In Timecheck organization can define and maintain the current going Project/Assignment details along with individual Task details with specific hours.

Timesheet Entry

At end of each day the individual employee especially who do WFH can update their daily Timesheet entry for their day attendance by updating the relevant task they performed in the allotted project.

Timesheet Approval

On daily basis the WFH employee(s) will be updating their tasks details along with hours the authorities can review & approve the same. As soon as approved the individual will get the attendance for approved hours.

Geo Attendance

Timecheck mobile app helps to get the live attendance of the Individual employee. In this Covid situation Hr team and Admin team can specifically monitor the field work employee(s) live attendance and guide them to avoid visiting the specific lockdown areas. Which ensures the care of employee health in the official hours also.