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3 factors why time & attendance software is more valuable than a manual process?

3 factors why time & attendance software is more valuable than a manual process?

Time and attendance software plays a pivotal role in regulating employee time, attendance and payroll activities in business organizations and work places. Almost every organizations & companies, irrespective of their size and industry have implemented this software, as it make tracking the attendance of employees far easier than various other customary methods.

Time and attendance software is used for a range of purposes like shift management, overtime management, leave & permission management, discrepancy management and many more. But you may think can’t these be done manually? Are humans not capable of doing it? How was it done earlier, before the advent of software? It can be, but software has core value that makes it smarter than the human process. Three core factors of Time & Attendance Software that brings value to the business are

Improve Productivity – A time and attendance tracking software can cut-down the manual work like attendance monitoring, shift time tracking, payroll management etc. In this way it helps employers or managers to effectively manage their employees in transparent manner and improves workforce productivity.

Time & Cost saving – With an effective time and attendance software, you can easily manage the attendance data of an employee like shift timing, leave approval and calculate the payroll without any error. This simplifies the hectic routine of manual verification thus saving you cost and time involved in the process.

Robust Security – This software can give flexibility for the organization hierarchy and you can define the privileges for all users for accessing the respective modules in organization level thus protecting sensitive employee information from everyone except the authorized persons.

The above said points may be very simple but they are very sensitive factors as all these factors are prone to human error and manipulation. The time & attendance management software put off these flaws in human methods thus presenting you with a more organized and efficient organization that you have dreamt of.

Timecheck is a web based time and attendance software that can adapt to your organization rules and it moulds to the hierarchy structure of the company thus making it easy for you to manage your employees and the process involved around it. Give our software a try, request for a demo.

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