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Ask These Questions Before Buying Time and Attendance Software

Ask These Questions Before Buying Time and Attendance Software

Whatever business or service you are running, if it involves employees and working hours with payroll, it is about time to go in for a time clock system, literally. Consider a smart time and attendance software.

Nevertheless, today web based attendance software are more affordable. Another compelling reason for switching over to an efficient online time and attendance software based is that it is accurate & reduces time effort.

The following are some basic questions that will help you select and buy a new, modern time and attendance software.

How many people work at your company? Where do your employees work from?

The bigger your company is, the more advantageous is an automated time and attendance software. If your employees work at one destination, the system can be installed on site. However, if they work from other locations too, or in the field, the software should be able to support and link all locations and even be supportive by means of providing the attendance through the GPS enabled mobile device.

What type of system would you opt for? What kind of support do you need for a time & attendance system?

There are many types of systems available nowadays to choose from. Some systems use employee biometrics to record accurately time punching. For example, they can be fingerprint time attendance scans, facial recognition scans, or even retina scans.

Not only does your time and attendance system need right equipment and software, it would need a live customer support service to assist you & attend to your requirements even after sales.

What are your reporting & compliance needs?

If you are following regulations and standards, look for the right time & attendance software that will satisfy/cater to your reporting and compliance needs, as it will help greatly for expansion.

These questions will help you make an honest assessment of your process and practices, which can guide you towards your purchase decision.

TimeCheck is a time attendance software that is web/mobile based. It is easily customisable to the company’s business needs. It can be effortlessly integrated with other legacy systems, devices, payroll and existing software, to the benefit of the company and employees. For more details, contact us or leave us an enquiry.

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