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Attendance Management Solution for Efficiently tracking Remote / WFH team Attendance

Attendance Management Solution for Efficiently tracking Remote / WFH team Attendance

In the current pandemic situation working from home is the new normal for companies that prepares to offer work from home options for their employees. However, with this new normal, companies expect an online attendance management system that seamlessly handles employees’ work from home efficiently. Now the first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about employee attendance monitoring is real time tracking that will lead to higher efficiency and better results.

Remote employees can log their working hours

Owing an online attendance management software, empowers employees to log their own working hours easily. Remote Employees can shift in / shift out from anywhere through the web or their mobiles. Also, with this online attendance management systems HR Managers can create multiple offices, set different leave calendars and create project wise timesheets.

Generates Insightful Reports

Online attendance management solutions generate different reports based as per preferences of HR. By monitoring the attendance patterns of remote employees HR Manager will be able to identify the effectiveness of Employee with Work from home option. This centralised attendance data will spotlight attendance issues, and help organisations to improve WFH employee productivity. Also, analytics and reports related to timesheets will help you understand if your employee’s productivity has increased or decreased while working from home.

Easy Payroll Processing

Especially Organisations with Global presence finds difficulty in Payroll Processing, if employee attendance database not consolidated in a single location, calculating leave and processing payroll becomes Mundane task. For this, Attendance Management Software is integrated with payroll software & processing is enabled easily without any errors or confusion.

To evaluate work from home employee productivity & avoid unnecessary confusion all you need to do is implement Timecheck attendance management system.  This software will let employee more accountable for the work they do, and they can access all the information related to their attendance, reducing their dependency on the HR department. For more details on Timecheck employee attendance management software click here.