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Attendance Solution for Facility Management Company

Attendance solution for Facility Management Company

Attendance Solution for Facility Management Company

Facility Management Companies are seeking solutions to deliver real benefits to client’s organisations in terms of reducing costs and allowing them to focus on their core business. For this to happen, Facility Managers can invest in Centralised Attendance System and overcome time managing challenges in facility management.

Controls Human Capital Management Costs

By centralizing their Attendance Management Solution, the facility management service company can provide the portal access to all their customers to get track of all the deployed employees shift time login and shift change approvals. Also Head supervisor can easily track the working hours of remotely working employees from anywhere. Ease HR burden by maintaining accurate log-in and log-out details of employees. Mobile based remote Time & attendance software application will allow them reduce administrative costs and optimize workforce time management by configuring all contractors site for monitoring.

Visibility in Real Time helps managing employees

Our time and attendance tracking system gives facility managers full visibility and help them make proactive and informed business decisions. By maintaining employee shift change, leave, attendance records the variance in month closure for various contractors is made easy, as billing dates can be configured.

Improve Employee Morale

Any discrepancy in attendance time entry due to punch miss can be eliminated by allowing supervisor to manually enter the time & get approval from that site contractor. Shift scheduling module allows HR managers to manage shift exchange between staffs. Special reliever requisition & approval module assists HR Manager to find the available facility service person nearby site and allocate to the required site.

Timecheck’s time & attendance management solution helps Facility management company realize optimized HR processes and workforce efficiency. Contact us today to find out how our time& attendance management software can help facility management companies achieve their goals. Get a live demonstration