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Attendance tracking & managing software is key for new normal

Attendance tracking & managing software

Attendance tracking & managing software is key for new normal

Technology is becoming essential to thrive in the new normal, many organizations rely on enterprise grade time and attendance solution to optimize employee productivity – and ultimately, profitability. Recent survey states failing to track accurate work hrs & time off can cost firms 3% to 15% of their total operating cost. To provides supervisors with 100% visibility into employee time, and enables them to capture real-time information digitize employee attendance.

Increased Transparency

Time & Attendance tracking software is now becoming essential for today’s workplace, as it reduces the troubles of capturing and storing attendance information in spread sheets. By having advanced T&A attendance monitoring solution businesses can gain a level of transparency and accuracy around attendance. Mobile-based attendance capturing, facial recognition biometric system support features of the software provide users with convenience and accuracy.

Increased Productivity

Integrating time & attendance software helps businesses to easily generate attendance for On-Premise and On-Field staff. It lets Hr manager to build multiple policies assign the same to a selective group of employees. Attendance tracker sheet with filters for different category will provide clear insight into employee shift in / shift out, requested time off, early shift out, and much more criteria’s that you may require to monitor & regularise.

Safer & Hygienic

As employee safety is paramount, businesses need an attendance tracking software solution that is easy to use and provides the security employees seek. Time & Attendance software supports modern workplaces, especially track employee attendance whether they are working from office or home. Employers willing to keep their workforces safe without losing the reliability of previous clocks can

To keep up employee morale integrate automated time-tracking software with custom features works in tandem with biometric fingerprint, IRIS and face recognition devices. This helps HR team to overcome multitude of problems as employees are back to the office.