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Automate Time tracking & Optimize Payroll Cost

Automate Time tracking & Optimize Payroll Cost

The digital age has changed the levels of transparency over the years, we could see drastic deployment of attendance tracking software across industries. Automated Time tracking system helps businesses to easily manage their workforce costs which is becoming increasingly complex, with flexi work hours, rostering shifts, remote employee workforce, as well as the complexities of on duty management. With this software in place you can get a holistic view, gain insight to put your data to work and protect your bottom line.

Time and Attendance solutions eliminates fraudulent practices such as buddy punching and ensures accuracy of data. As labor is the largest expenditure for every organization effectively utilizing them has become the challenge to drive business performance. By integrating this custom software application, you can protect your cost liability & meet your organization’s unique needs seamlessly.

Rich dashboards of the application will enable you to generate real-time insights into your employee work hours. It simplifies workforce management & helps businesses to maximize productivity at the same time eliminate time consuming manual processes. HR managers can now get details on Attendance Data (First In time & last out time), Overtime data (Week day – OT, Holiday- OT & Weekly Off- OT), Exception details (Late entry & Early exit) and finally it gives the “Sum of defined Work hours”, “Sum of actual worked hours“, “Sum of Overtime hours” for each employee to ensure Payroll Optimization along with right payment for each employee.

If you prefer to have a simple and smart Time and Attendance tracking software to centralize your workflows and view easily in real-time through an informative dash board then contact us.

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