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Automated Solution for Field Force Time Capturing

Automated Solution for Field Force Time Capturing

Currently Organizations have challenges to deal with Tracking Time & Attendance of field force professionals. In today’s time capturing timesheet of employees with flexible work hours, and part time workers is the daunting task for HR department. Actually none of these are impossible with improved Time & Attendance Management System.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is installing a fully automated Time and Attendance management software. It empowers employers to make use of its portable biometric terminal with network connecting conveniences to track field force employees time, location and aggregate billable hours. Organizations can collect & manage field force employees attendance in real time and simplify the tedious task of managing your mobile workforce.

With Time & Attendance monitoring software you can avoid error-prone duplicate entry, and remove the discrepancies caused due to record error, and manual processing error. It helps to control and care employee attendance issues, which in turn helps organizations to get better control, improve productivity.

Benefits of Automated Field force Time Tracking

  • Decrease in HR effort is seen for time related tasks
  • Easily view & approve or reject team’s time-off requests
  • Comply with labour regulations & ensure streamlined attendance
  • Empower regional HR to automate critical information
  • Improve mobile employee productivity

Do you need an automated Time & Attendance Management Solution to capture time stamp data of part-time / field force employees? We can do multi location attendance integration for Field force Time Capturing to take place. For details contact us.

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