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Why Automating Attendance Management is a Must in 2021

Automated Time & Attendance System

Why Automating Attendance Management is a Must in 2021

Automation is a growing essential as it vastly reduces the time taken to do the same job manually. Implementing custom software solution reduces redundant expenditures, improves efficiencies and ensures costly errors are prevented from happening, eliminates any room for errors that would, otherwise, occur with manual calculation of wages, bonuses and overtime compensations.

Most businesses embrace technology and automation to replace specific tasks that would otherwise be performed by a person. All growing organizations are automating their time attendance system to track their employees’ total working hours. It will enhance transparency in the company and emphasize punctuality in its culture. Owning a Web, Mobile based attendance monitoring software solutions will allow HR managers of the organization to save time and cost, as well eliminate data inaccuracy. One major advantage of this attendance tracking software is user can define all unique possibilities.

Functions to Automate & Decrease Operating Cost

Allocate Week offs deliberately

You can easily define weekly offs based on employee categories (full time, part-time, contract, temporary, factory etc.) and assign specific policies for them. Automated Software System will by itself can help a user to classify if an employee is absent or in leave and allow you to take care of all these effortlessly in a large organization like Retail stores, BPOs, & in manufacturing plants.

Allot branch wise public holidays:

The automated attendance system enables multinational organizations to define public holiday based on the geography of the branch office. This feature saves time and effort, as well helps the company to comply with legal mandatory.

Measure total Work hrs / Overtime

With this automated employee attendance management software in place calculation of overtime applicability can be predefined. Per hour cost variations for Assigned OT to different set of people can be enabled, first in & last out reports give feasibility to check total work hrs in a day / week.

Don’t worry how many number of employees you have, plants you own, or branches in various geographies. Using our Timecheck Software, can make attendance management highly accurate and avoid situations that cost you money. To stick to state wise legal mandatory requirements that are manually taken care at present and to minimize the time wasted on clerical works, abide to applicable labour laws leave us an enquiry.