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Benefits of Mobile Time & Attendance App for Employee Time Management

Smart Attendance Tracking Software

Benefits of Mobile Time & Attendance App for Employee Time Management

We all live in the world where everything is constantly on the move. With the growth of technology, most companies’, government offices are tracking employee attendance using mobile time & attendance app. Without this robust attendance management software, the biggest challenge for organisations would be managing employee attendance. By installing this solution organisations can track employee’s attendance and departures from Android smartphone on the go.

Listed are the benefits of a mobile time and attendance app

Remote Attendance Monitoring

There are probably many advantages in managing workforce attendance using app, one major thing is field workers can punch in wherever they may be, and supervisors can monitor their locations and carry out attendance monitoring from a distance. A mobile time and attendance app helps supervise attendance in real-time, remove payroll errors and contribute to employee satisfaction.

Advanced Reporting

Entrepreneurs have access to track multiple attendance reports and even keep track of different shifts. Reports are organised & are sent to respective reporting persons as per schedule. This helps them to foresee absence & manage absence, control overtime labour costs, reduce compliance risk and improve productivity by either accepting or denying the employee absence request.

Employee Self-Service Portal

My calendar feature enables employees to review their shift in & out, run reports and get admin to edit time entries if any discrepancy occurs. They can check for their cumulative worked hours during the week, their remaining paid time off leave or level of sick absence taken to date.

Even a small organization can use this Smart attendance tracking system to save much of their time compared to old traditional methods of marking attendance.  To easily manage the attendance of a large number of employees in an office or company and Maximise your ROI contact us. We will offer industry-leading.