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Benefits of Incorporating a Modern Visitor Management Software

Benefits of Incorporating a Modern Visitor Management Software

Any organisation or company with premises, whether small, medium or large, will have their share of visitors to manage. The security personnel could find it difficult to track and manage this task on a daily basis. This is when technology comes to the rescue. A good visitor management software or system can be incorporated to work with your organisation’s installed systems. It can complement your administration, security and time & attendance systems which are in place, help improve efficiency and offer a better experience to all involved.

Registering Process

Any visitor (or temporary worker) coming in will have to be registered at the reception or time office or by any authorised person assigned. Basic information of the visitor(s) has to be captured, such as name, company’s name, address, ID proof, etc. Items carried by the visitor should be entered into the records and then allowed or disallowed entry as per the company rules or practice. A picture of the person visiting too can be captured and stored. In case of high-level security, a fingerprint recording machine or bio-metric devices can be used to record identity of the visitor.

Identification Badges and Tracking

After gathering all necessary information, the administrator issuing a Visitor Pass/Visitor Identification Badge, can counter-check it by sending SMS to the mobile phone, or email to the address. If there’s a vehicle, just tag it along with the visitor’s badge issued. The badges can be printed and even issued online, can include personal details and include a code number or barcode as necessary. This method also helps in tracking the visitor or temporary employee over time.

Security and Reports

Badges can be verified/scanned at every department, or at every level of entry/exit points. Records can be maintained for repeat visitors/temporary workers as required over time. A visitor’s stay or movement can be scheduled as per requirements. The system can also enable viewing or generating reports from info stored at the database.

The visitor management system software should ensure protection from unwanted intrusions and secure the premises. The system should be able to define access areas and prevent trespassing with proper check-ins and monitoring.

Appointments and Notifications

The system should be able to create appointments for the visitor to the organisation via a request or application through phone or website, to facilitate the normal operations of the organisation. With the help of a mobile app or website, notifications can be sent as per requirements, even to the host. A reply too can be facilitated for the visitor to respond if needed.

The visitor management system should be scalable to meet future needs and be integrated with other solutions and systems on-site and supported by proper backup on the database for any future retrieval.

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