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Cost Cutting & Time Saving with Automated Attendance Monitoring Software

Cost Cutting & Time Saving with Automated Attendance Monitoring Software

Cost cutting measures taken will boost companies bottom line in a short term. Improving a particular system, say workforce punctuality through an automated time and attendance monitoring software system in your business possibly increases your profitability. Both large & small companies know how wasted time can increase the expenses of payroll and proper time management is critical for success. One of the best ways for finding out where the time is going is to start using time tracking software. It helps you to collect real time attendance data & efficiently reduce companies on-going operational costs.

Cost-cutting, when done selectively & intelligently, can be a faster way to yield higher profits. Time & Attendance Monitoring software at place will enable user to know & track approved comp-off details in a user-friendly manner. Further approval authorities can check for employee’s overtime task details and sanction the extra hours spent as overtime or comp-off accordingly to the organization rules.

  • Improve Employee punctuality & employee attendance habits
  • Adjust shifts on-the-go, create precise and conflict-free schedules
  • Analyze where you have been spending frivolously, where you can make cuts
  • Enable real time tracking of resource movements & improves transparency

By using function key mode in the device user can save time, eliminate the time wasted on track cards. Mapping & tracking appropriate punch types for the assigned function including Shift in, Shift Lunch out, Lunch in, On Duty etc are done accurately with just one touch on the web dashboard. Authorized user can simply monitor the worked hours and calculate cumulative work hours based on the difference between the out & in punches from the employee, this not only cuts cost & reduces wasted time but also helps to get the most out of your workforce.

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