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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Attendance Management for Contract Workers Problem

Contract labour Management Software

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Attendance Management for Contract Workers Problem

Companies in India mostly are into the practice of outsourcing their “non-core” functions to contractors and vendors.  In the technologically driven world today, contract employee attendance management & other related activities are performed using various software solutions. Modern enterprises seek Centralized Time Attendance Solution for Contract labour Management. It’s an important process that helps manage multiple contractors and large workforce.

Contract labour management module in Time & attendance software

Organisations have started with Inclusion of contract labour management module into their existing time & attendance tracking software tool and its evidence enough to keep sync with the changing market realities. This fully automated solution helps minimize the dependency on spread sheets and data entry which is error prone. Employers can easily gain real time visibility into the productivity of contract labours from different vendors with different purposes.

Features for Contractor Labour Monitoring

Timecheck software is completely tailored to have a better check and control over their contractors and the labourers’ under them. Using this web based & mobile enabled attendance tracking software we can create multi user environment with individual right allocation facility. The supervision and control rests with the contractor whether a particular contract labourer will be allocated to a particular principal employer and the conditions of the work.

With this robust online web contract labour management Software HR managers can create multiple attendance policies, manage flexi- shift timings, overtime etc as assigned to them, without crossing the line between the contracted employee and direct employee. This helps any organisation small or big to significantly reduce attendance processing time and increases accuracy by doing better manpower planning based on workforce demand.

For more information on contract labour time & attendance management software, take a free demo from Timecheck.