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How to Effectively Manage Tardiness and Absenteeism

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How to Effectively Manage Tardiness and Absenteeism

According to statistics labour cost forms the largest expense for any company. Tardiness & Absenteeism affects both employers and employees alike, dealing with this remains a challenge for businesses. At the initial stage late and absent employees affect the morale and efficiency of the whole company. On a larger scale, the missed hours have a measurable financial impact.  Businesses must develop a policy to prevent these negative side effects from piling up, as well get prepared to meet goals when the team is inconsistent and understaffed.

Habitually late employees, cost time and money to your business. To overcome these challenges & manage attendances effectively HR have to consider different attendance issues like scheduled absences, unscheduled absences, and tardiness, then create a policy and next steps to reduce cost & improve productivity. As the opportunity for time clock fake exists with just manual entries & a basic fingerprint scanner device for time punch, consider deploying a time and attendance software solutions that will help you to stay one step ahead of any potential deception.

Attendance Monitoring Software Benefits

  • Policy configuration for late can be properly defined as per organization norms and it can be integrated with the existing leave deduction to stop employees from coming late
  • Attendance Monitoring software will automatically track employee, attendance and productivity, further to it, it can also keep track of employees who are sticking to the assigned work hrs and completing their daily recommended tasks.
  • Software will permit HR Manager, Department head to set up various thresholds for different employees
  • Centralised attendence management software that allow you to view clocked employee time, leave requests, and approvals, all from one place.
  • With this you could process the raw attendance swipes of employees and compute the actual hours worked, overtime, late coming, etc.
  • Daily attendance processing over monthly processing will help improve employee time management
  • Streamline your payroll processes and give you on-demand access to employee information.

To better manage tardiness and absenteeism contact us we can support you with implementation of time & attendance software that has features & custom modules to remedy issues in your employee attendance and gain momentum.