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A Simplified Employee Shift Scheduling Software Solves Your Problems

A Simplified Employee Shift Scheduling Software Solves Your Problems

For any modern day business or industry, accurate tracking of time and attendance data is important. Organisations have to manage employees’ schedules efficiently and accurately, without affecting the costs and functioning of the organisation. Using spreadsheets to track employee shifts is not enough and an efficient but simplified employee shift scheduling software can remove the frustration of making frequent changes in schedules for supervisors and managers assigned with the task.

Whatever industry or sector an organisation is operating in, be it healthcare, retail, construction, hospitality or any other, most managers have headaches in shift scheduling to accommodate employee requests while ensuring the business is not affected and all needs are met in time. The time and attendance system with shift scheduling can save much time and money. It can streamline employee scheduling, accommodating whatever changes needed, shortened work weeks and absence, or any other challenges.

TimeCheck is a very capable web and mobile based time and attendance software that has all advantages, can be customised and also integrated with your current system. The time tracking software has the features to track shift-in, shift-out, break hours, early exit, late hours, cumulative work hours and others. The time management software will use the data gathered to give relevant reports to the HR department.

The scheduling module can be configured to suit the needs of your business or organisation to present daily, weekly or monthly calendar schedules. Some scheduling can be automated to rebuild the shift scheduling. The solution also provides employees and managers an easily usable and understandable interface with familiar features. The shift calendar can help managers to increase employee numbers on a shift and check whether employees are following their schedules.

Another point to check is your smart time and attendance system is scalable to meet future requirements. Alerts and notifications can also be generated by the system. The online time and attendance software can be supported by a mobile app if the organisation requires, when employing a mobile workforce. To get more details on the right solution from TimeCheck software for your business or industry, contact us with your needs.

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