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Ensuring Field Workforce Are On-Time In a Remote Location

Ensuring Field Workforce Are On-Time In a Remote Location

Geo-fencing technology has opened the way to the virtual fencing of locations, to capture attendance of a desired audience or group of users, or employees. It is being adapted to various uses in our daily life and providing more security over defined virtual boundaries.

As the technology advances, time and attendance software has become capable of establishing geographical areas to limit where an employee is allowed to punch in or out, etc. Harness the power of geofencing technology using mobiles or wireless devices and manage attendance of your mobile workforce, like field staff out on marketing or service tasks.

The advantages of Geo-fencing can be harnessed by installing time and attendance software for monitoring a large workforce punching in or out of a geographical area, virtually fenced by the administrator.

Advantages of virtual fencing time tracking mobile app

  • Help in on-time management of mobile field staff, monitor movement and automate time-cards and monthly schedules.
  • Help in security, as an employee or staff access-card or device can trigger an alert, if attempting an unauthorised entry or exit.
  • Record real-time location-based data depending on the configuration of the system, text messages, or alerts, or push notifications, can be generated.
  • Allowing staff to log time from different locations within the area of virtual fencing, plus prevention of time-theft and unwanted purchases.
  • Save costs by administering time-in/out of shifts of remote employees and ensure that you get accurate attendance data.

TimeCheck is a versatile time and attendance software capable of integrating other legacy systems, mobile devices or existing software (like Payroll software) of an organisation, to yield greater cost benefits and productivity, even with a mobile workforce and for organisations with plants/ factories in multiple locations.

Post your enquiry to get more information about our remote attendance management solution. We’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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