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Improve your accuracy when billing clients by tracking hours with software

Employee Time & Attendance Tracking Apps

Improve your accuracy when billing clients by tracking hours with software

Professionals and business owners can improve billing accuracy and transparency with time tracking using the appropriate software modules or app. By using a time tracking app one can track the correct hours worked for each client or project, as the case may be.

The time tracking method is an essential practise that helps employers to manage the teams, to improve productivity and profits. Earlier it was done manually. Time tracking not only helps managers and employers but the concerned teams, employees and freelancers too. Without a time tracking system in place, companies and clients may lose money, whereas employees lose their productivity and creditability.

Application to accurately bill clients

Today, we find many types of time tracking tools, that are either an application or a readymade software, and each have their own set of features with unique user interfaces. But make your choice of the app carefully with the scope of work, the budget, the number of employees and the complexity in consideration. The right time tracking tool is digital, easy to use and tracks the hours accurately based on the time of clock-in and clock-out. Choose from the market, the right mobile app and desktop version to integrate with various payroll systems to help automate the billing process. Tracking hours with a reliable application is equally crucial for a freelance writer and an accountant looking to streamline the billing process.

Time Tracking is Important

Time tracking is an important factor in any professional work that needs billing of customers/clients. Besides the accuracy provided to both parties, it offers transparency for co-operation. The right time tracking software helps to improve the terms of cooperation and avoid any manual errors in billing with this software application. Earn the trust of your customer or client with accurate work hours billing and save time and cost in billing, unlike the cumbersome manual process. When you are involved in more than one project you can get lost in the process of tracking your work hours and separating them for each client, project or customer. The application using GPS and RFID tech can automate a lot of functionalities in the time tracking module.

A time and attendance software like TIMECHECK can be integrated to existing systems of a client. It is supportive to attendance policy changes that occur at times, managing efficiently various documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls, at multiple locations or worksites. To support you with any of your unique requirements contact us.