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How Can Healthcare Organizations Benefit from an Attendance Software?

How Can Healthcare Organizations Benefit from an Attendance Software?

The healthcare sector has a unique way of functioning. Most of them have working hours for staff staggered out to keep the units running on a 24-hour basis throughout the year.

Challenges of The Sector

Such extended operations pose challenges in managing staff and schedules of healthcare workers under a 24-hour model and to meet the need of consistent staffing to service patients. The system has to monitor overtime costs, create rosters, allow shift changes at regular frequency. The attendance tracking software in consideration should have the answer to control rising expenses associated with staff rotation and record management.

Adaptable Time and Attendance Software

Whatever industry or sector an organisation is in, be it healthcare, retail, construction, hospitality or any other sector, most HR managers have issues in shift scheduling to accommodate employee requests, absence or other issues, while ensuring the operations are not affected and all things run on time.

A modern healthcare time and attendance software can help to automate the making of schedules in a healthcare organisation. It can manage pay rule variations to meet workforce needs, such as the nursing staff. As you create a schedule you take into account the skill sets of employees and their availability, to meet the labour demands of every shift and of the payroll. The time tracking software can calculate payroll in a simple way and avoid payroll errors for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Beneficial to Employees and Employers

The staff and healthcare workers are benefited by the ability to request shift swaps and time-off without any hassles, directly through an online system, through which the managers in charge too can review the request and act accordingly.

TimeCheck is a very capable web and mobile based time and attendance software that meets most of the critical requirements of a healthcare organisation. The software costs lesser than a proprietary solution designed exclusively, but comes with all advantages. It can be customised and also integrated with a current system that’s running in the hospital or healthcare centre.

This system allows you to streamline administrative processes and maximise labour resources while managing complex shifts, mobile employees and complex pay rules. The software can be supported by a mobile app if the healthcare organisation requires, when employing a large workforce over many locations.

To find out more about this unique solution from TimeCheck software, that is beneficial for your organisation/sector, contact us or leave us an enquiry.

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