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Increase 40% productivity with mobile time tracking app

Increase 40% productivity with mobile time tracking app

Mobile time tracking apps are built to record worked time on a phone, tablet, or similar device and empower you to plan things well, save a lot of time & money. Its unique features will allow employees to clock in and out with the devices they’ve already got in their pockets. Even organizations with employees in multiple locations can make use of this feature in our web based attendance tracking software & streamline the entire timekeeping process.

Feature-rich, employee-friendly time tracking mobile app facilitates you to access the information you need, when you need it. This solution streamlines the process, and avoid disputes makes you to achieve 40% growth in staff productivity. Further, customizing this app will give you the flexibility to use it as per your business needs & the company culture.

Features of the Mobile tracking app includes:

  • Dashboard to Review daily attendance data of employees in real time
  • Supervisors can use just tap the app to track multiple employee’s attendance
  • My calendar, an easy-to-use interface and user experience to check
  • Send Instant notifications to employees if there is a schedule change
  • Quick view & Processing of leaves & on duty, shift change etc enabled for managers
  • Easily & efficiently manage leave & permission on the go at the fingertips
  • Attendance report with accuracy to make smarter decisions
  • Profile creation with flexi time & attendance policy

This solution will let your organization to grow faster and further increase the value of your business. To eliminate paper timesheets and go for mobile app time tracking solution Contact Us.

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