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Install Attendance Management Software To Handle Any Flexible Attendance & Leave Policies

Flexible Attendance and Leave Policies

Install Attendance Management Software To Handle Any Flexible Attendance & Leave Policies

Business organisations have to develop attendance policies that can accommodate different HR policies of organisation that operates from different locations and in different industries. The task becomes a challenge when the organisation has to accommodate the policies of every location and managing the attendance data of all employees on a centralised level.

The HR/Admin of the organisation or business can overcome this issue easily by a solution (comprehensive policy) configured to manage multiple attendance policies. A software-based time and attendance management system can make this process easy, without requiring manual intervention.

Attendance Management System Simplifies Handling Any Types of Policy Industry Face

The time attendance system software hooked to a biometric attendance system will be capable of handling multiple shift and shift schedules, along with related elements like grace time, break time, off-day, etc.

Shifts and Schedules Policy

  • Resolving overtime and date rollover issues related to the night shifts.
  • Auto shift correction to assign shifts automatically, based on the employee’s punch in/out details, even in a different shift.
  • Managing continuous shifts and attendance of employees working on simultaneous shifts even over and above their regular shifts as overtime.

Late-In, Early-Out Policy

The policy can be assigned to each employee or a group of employees, which will be tracked by the system for late-in and early-out entries, based on the employees shifts.

Absenteeism Policy

The software allows the HR to define policies for weekly off, or holidays and set up the limit for absent employees to be blocked.

Overtime Policy

The time and attendance software solution can help the HR to calculate overtime of employees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with authorisation or rejection powers assigned to reporting officers. The policy should also handle the presenters, when present beyond the allocated time, even when not required.

Leave Policies

By framing leave policies, the HR can define the different types of leave applicable, the accumulation rules, the automatic leave credit and leave balance rules. It can be handled by the software’s Self Service portal for employees.

TimeCheck is a software that allows any organisation or business to maximise productivity of employees, by managing documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls efficiently. The time and attendance software is accessible simultaneously from many locations and scalable to meet future needs. Get more info about this effective solution at our website. You can ask for a demo or leave us an enquiry too.

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