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Leverage Technology to Automate & Streamline Workforce Data

Leverage Technology to Automate & Streamline Workforce Data

Every Business has started leveraging on technology to automate their everyday tasks. People accept that to drive business & to get a competitive edge in business operation using technology. Most entrepreneurs view this as a necessary expense as workforces are the biggest asset of the company, and to ease laborious work automation becomes important and essential.

To manage employee time & attendance, business owners implement enterprise level web-based software that relieves executive workload, attention demands and reduce probability of errors. TimeCheck is an Enterprise level application which will help organizations to track their employee’s time & attendance details at reduced costs. This software replaces paper and obsolete timesheets with more accurate solution, when being customized to your needs.

  • TimeCheck can effectively automate & simplify time-consuming routine process of organizing employees’ attendance data, against the allocated shifts and approved leaves
  • With this tool at your place you can allocate permanent / temporary shifts and do shift exchange on need basis in a much simpler way
  • It helps you to define & configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours, calculation factor for weekly off overtime and holiday overtime hours effortlessly
  • It enhances efficiency and improves productivity by allowing employee to submit their leave well in advance & request for approval from authorized personnel.
  • With easy-to-use technology you can works seamlessly and generate reports in different formats for effective analysis and decision making

By implementing Time & Attendance software system in your organization, you can get complete time and attendance reports with a click of a button. This data insight will improve productivity by regular monitoring of employees time & attendance and reduce costs. For time record you can integrate the application with Smartcard or Biometric terminals across the organization, including remote locations over the internet or intranet. There are possibilities to group multiple companies and bring Organization’s hierarchical reporting structure in a user-friendly manner.

Businesses of all sizes utilize TimeCheck – Time Management Software, to manage effectively and simplify HR & Timekeeping process.

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