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Manage Workforce Attendance with Fully Automated Time & Attendance Software

Manage Workforce Attendance with Fully Automated Time & Attendance Software

Time and attendance device provides cost savings and convenient ways for employee time attendance tracking. This software has replaced traditional attendance and leave management methods and automated the process by directly storing attendance information on a central database. To streamline employee attendance tracking process with enhanced efficiency configure it with your company leave policy & take the hassles out of your people & processes.

Task Management

By implementing this award-winning software HR manager can easily address Human capital issues and enhance overall accuracy with regards to employee attendance data. Multilevel approval for any leave / Shift change / Overtime request through hand phones on the go lets balance the priority work for completion that day, allocate alternate replacement resource who could meet the given timeline.

Intuitive Dashboard

To increase the company’s bottom line earning you can see to the intuitive dash board track & analyze on employee activity like late in, early out, on-duty, comp-off and shift-change reports from the employee portal. and lay an organized foundation for human capital management in your organization. Invest in this technology solution to gain better insights, make your approval processes faster and easier – and stay ahead providing more strategic value to your organization.

To select & decide among the many attendance management software options available on the market contact us with your Unique needs. We can address your core needs and help you save your precious time.

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