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Managing Time and Attendance for Desk less Shift Workers

Time & Attendance Tracking Software

Managing Time and Attendance for Desk less Shift Workers

Time and attendance management has become critically important to manage the change in work patterns of employees. Industries having desk less workforce are facing many issues without right technology in place. Migrating to automated time tracking software & digitized timesheets helps you increase productivity with less physical effort. Today company can select the right attendance management system, can configure custom attendance policies as per their work nature and provide a seamless operation by withdrawing the wastage of time.

Manual Work Simplified

Adopting advanced time & attendance management software helps to record the attendance data of employees across locations and generate real time reports to keep track of their employee attendance and leave details.  Precise time and attendance monitoring platform prevents hour violations and helps stay compliant with live insights. Without this attendance management tools, it will be hard for shift schedulers and HR managers to provide the work-life balance.

Easier Time Scheduling

Industries investing in the time and attendance management solution can schedule work systematically and manage attendance of employees working in different shifts easily. Automated alerts & notifications right on the mobile phones of assist manager helped approve requests such as overtime and early departure immediately without any specific need for communication. Furthermore, employers can also define various attendance and leave policies to maintain employee morale and satisfaction.

Employee Location Tracking

Mobile GPS Based attendance tracking help remote/desk less workers manage their work schedules on a more autonomous level, and ultimately achieve work-life balance.  With this best-in-class GPS technology in place most employers can get insight into where employees are and what they are working on, besides seamlessly collaborate with their teams while on the job.

Due to greater visibility and transparency industries could seamlessly handle varying pay rates for employees and for jobs. Accuracy of the software ensure employee loyalty and retention. If you’d like to learn more on how Timecheck helps manage deskless shift workers at multiple sites, get in touch with us today!