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Mobile Attendance App – a Nextgen solution for Remote Employee Attendance Monitoring

Mobile Attendance App – a Nextgen solution for Remote Employee Attendance Monitoring

Employee attendance monitoring is one of the most challenging jobs for employers. Employers suffer due to inefficiencies and inability to track mobile workforce productivity. To simplify this task & to ensure high productivity at workplace you need to invest on mobile attendance apps that gives transparency, accurate data, and above has many useful features that ensure high productivity at the workplace.

Enables Record Remote Location Attendance

With this mobile attendance app field employee can mark attendance from any location through smartphone. Get real-time insights on employee attendance vis time stamps & location data. Even allowing them to work from Home is enabled to through as per defined policy to increase workforce productivity.

Employee Productivity Management

The mobile attendance app has been built to capture attendance of employees from varied sources. This iOS & android app will act as attendance terminal, reduce manual efforts and give the best result for improving employee’s work efficiency. With this smart employee attendance management app you could save the most precious asset – time.

Crystal Clear Report

The attendance management app would manage the employee’s attendance record as it is. There are no chances for alteration, as in manual system. Daily/monthly reports are available at manager & admin level to help perform due diligence to assess performance and boost productivity of remote workforce.

This mobile app attendance monitoring system gives you real-time and daily views of what’s happening at an organization level and who’s in office and at what time.

Benefits of Mobile Attendance App

  • Efficient for monitoring off-site worker’s attendance
  • Eliminated buddy punching & manual errors
  • Dramatically improve productivity
  • Track attendance in multiple branches / locations / construction sites
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Generate Maximum ROI

For more details on this efficient attendance management software and to get solution for any of your specific needs do not hesitate to contact us.