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Monitor Intangibles that Drain Company Profits

Monitor Intangibles that Drain Company Profits

Every business demands measurable value that each resource brings to organizational growth and profitability.  Even if best efforts are deployed to exactly calculate expenses and budgetary needs, there will be intangibles that come into play. Handling those intangibles competently can bring in business success.  Human variables like behaviors, habits, time management, absence to work etc could associate hidden cost & drain company’s profits.

HR managers must be proactive in understanding how human resources affects the bottom line and be sure to configure enterprise grade web based attendance monitoring software with robust features to monitor employee attendance, worked hrs, Overtime, shift management, leave and permission management efficiently. This sensitive approach protects organization from overspending and equips them to monitor Hidden Intangibles that Drain Company Profits.

Employee Attendance Monitoring

Employee attendance monitoring system is a tool which employers can rely on to monitor the cost of employee partial, planned, unplanned absences and minimize profit loss. Having this software application at your establishments will facilitate you to get insight details on any employees leave or permission Application / status etc. in real time and approval authority can either approve or reject his leave or permission application based on various eligibility criteria.

Overtime & Shift Management System

Facilitated with advanced Shift Pattern and Shift Roster features to manage complex shifts for large set of employees with a single click allows authorized user to bridges the communication gap that can happen over manual methods and proactively ensures a smooth transition by modifying the already allocated shifts on need to improve workforce productivity.

Specialty Features

Key Features to track Late Entry, Early Exit, Less Hours Worked, Approved Over Time, Discrepancy data’s & Non Processed Record details helps managers in Quick decision making, besides to streamline their department employee’s attendance that indirectly affect forecasted tasks. Function Key mode in the biometric device lets user to map & track appropriate punch types for the assigned function Key (Lunch Out, Lunch in, On Duty Out, On Duty in).

To reduce expenses accrued from Human resources time theft, odd punch, discrepancies etc  and to assess individual attendance compliance reports contact us.

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