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Need for ‘Cutting Edge’ Attendance Management Software

remote attendance tracking Software

Need for ‘Cutting Edge’ Attendance Management Software

In today’s time as work got reinvented organization need to install a smart attendance management software for a smooth and seamless experience. HR suffers managing various spreadsheets for various purposes might lead to big blunders and lots of confusion, so centralise & automate workflows to manage multiple schedules and keep track of progress in remote locations/onsite work.

Digitize Attendance Management & Reduce Cost

Time and attendance software allows Organizations to digitize the process of employee time tracking in real time, when employees start and end their shifts even for mobile workforce. The software allows managers with the flexibility to build employee schedules by jobs or shifts, which they can then share with employees to keep everyone on the same page. It can also be integrated with third party applications for seamless transmission of employee time-tracking data to your accounting and payroll software.

Seamlessly Monitor Remote Workforce Attendance

Cutting Edge’ Attendance Management Software helps add value to businesses of all types and sizes. Latest advancement includes capturing real-time employee attendance for any geographical area, for employee on premises, from different project sites or from home. If you have a remote or mobile workforce, you can take advantage of mobiles geolocation technology to ensure your staff is where they need to be during work hours.

Shift Roster Management

Organisations implementing good attendance management software can empower significant HR functions and helps you overcome productivity challenges at the workplace. HR’s professionals & Shift Manager can keep a close eye on employee attendance and absences which in turn helps overcome important productivity issues. By utilizing the time and attendance tracking software you can also customize attendance, shift, overtime, time-off rules and have logic for time tracking with automated workflows.

User Friendly Dashboards

Smart dashboard gives HR Managers a holistic view of associated parameters. Employees & Managers can access a self-service dashboard “My calendar” Module that lets them manage their team’s & individual time and attendance data from a web browser. HRs can save many man-hours, eliminate errors, and ultimately avoid discrepancies.

To stay ahead with the changing culture & meet the demands of the new work environment you need to integrate your attendance tracking device to a future-ready attendance management software. To support you with any of your unique requirements contact us.