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Prevent Time Theft and ‘Buddy Punching’ of Employees

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Prevent Time Theft and ‘Buddy Punching’ of Employees

Any large sized company with a sizeable manpower, faces problems in managing its human resources. One such issue in time and attendance at the workplace is ‘time theft’ and related to it is ‘Buddy Punching’. Buddy Punching is when one employee punches in or out for a co-worker who is not working at that time.

Supervisors of large organisations may not notice the discrepancies of employees all the time. However, Buddy Punching is a kind of Time Theft that should be attended to. If employees are paid by the hour, accurate timekeeping is needed to safeguard the bottom line of the company.

Ways to Prevent Time Theft and Other Issues

Biometric time clocking linked with a time attendance software is the really the apt solution. You can do away with unnecessary paperwork too and avoid timesheet fraud. Fingerprint, hand geometry or facial features are fool proof methods to log in attendance and time on a modern electronic clocking device.

It is also good to have a clear-cut policy and to frame clear rules. Then inform employees of the rules and the consequences if they do not follow them. Inform of the disciplinary procedures that will follow, starting with a warning first.

Advantages of Time and Attendance Software Installation

The right solution would be to install a modern time and attendance software with compatibility to advanced clocking devices, such as a biometric clock. Many functions can be automated too and data can be stored and retrieved with a variety of reports. Open lines of communication between the staff and the workforce facilitates better management and improves accountability at work.

TimeCheck attendance management software allows you to streamline administrative processes & scale up to meet future requirements. It will help maximise labour productivity while managing complex shifts and shift rules.

The mobile based attendance software is friendly and reliable for employers to manage remote workforce. To find out more about this comprehensive solution that will benefit your organisation/business, visit our website, or leave us an enquiry.

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