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Reduce Employee Time theft with Timecheck’s software

Reduce Employee Time theft with Timecheck’s software

Time thefts are one of the common issues employers face in a company / organization. What is Time theft? Generally, there are kind of employees who use techniques such as buddy punching to gain attendance without having to come to office and few others waste their working time in the office to steal time. If the employee is on the clock but doesn’t work then he is stealing time and that is called as Time theft.

To be simple, Time theft happens when an employee gets paid by his/her employer for the work that has not been done. And it is the companies who are paying heavily due to this through high salary & low productivity. According to a study, it is said that an average employee steals 4-5 hours per week which is shockingly high considering the workforce of large scale environments.

When you take a closer look into the issue, the companies that suffer more are the ones that don’t have a proper time and attendance system to monitor & manage employee timekeeping. The four main types of time theft that are prevalent among employees are

  • Buddy Punching
  • Extended breaks
  • Misuse of On duty/sick leave
  • Personal time usage

All these factors cost employers thousands of dollars every year. Big or small, whatever the size of your company maybe, each and every company has to deal with this problem and for those companies with distributed workforce and wide range of shifts & departments this is definitely an issue to arrest.

How to deal with this time theft? Simple, equip yourself with a good, enterprise grade Time & attendance software. TimeCheck is an enterprise grade web based software with robust features to simplify Time & Attendance process. It adapts to any organization’s Time & Attendance business needs & helps managers to track employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts. Thus effectively eliminating employee time theft and improving business productivity.

Worried about Time theft? Need a proper Time and Attendance solution? Contact us to know how our Time and Attendance software will fit your organization rules and enhance your workforce productivity. We are just a form away.

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