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Save time with automatic shift scheduling feature from TIMECHECK

Save time with automatic shift scheduling feature from TIMECHECK

If your company or organization is still managing the employee shift timings manually, then it’s high time to look for a automation software with shift management feature which will put an end to this monotonous, time consuming and error prone process. In the manual process, even a small error could result in substantial losses. The shift manager or HR manager has to ensure each week whether the shift has been assigned to each employee correctly. With this feature an employee’s shift allocation, changes and timings with accuracy can be easily organized. It is here the use of shift management feature in an employee time attendance software comes to help.

Here are the few reasons why your business needs shift management feature

Shift Allocation

The major benefits of shift management are the shifts allocation; calculation of total work hours can be automated. It will easier to generate the reports of each employee’s shift scheduling on daily, weekly and monthly basis; thus saving shift managers or HR manager time and stress and enhancing accuracy.

Easy Shift Change

If an employee’s shift has to be changed permanently, it can be easily done and there won’t be any problem with work timings and pay roll. At the same time, if the shift has to be changed temporarily maybe for a day or earlier shift then these features will help you to do it effortlessly. It will also allow HR manager to calculate the worked hours based on the biometric punches he / she has made thus avoiding any discrepancies.

Shift Exchange

This feature enables exchange of shifts between two employees upon approval. It is mutually beneficial & reduces labour-intensive work which includes data compliance with that of their shift timing. Automation of Shift time tracking process will facilitate HR manager to simply swap the shift between any two employees.

Employee Work Report

The employee can easily track their shift details, working time reports using their login credential. Each employee can view these reports on weekly and monthly basis. It helps employees to keep track of the work hours target and help in improving their and overall company’s productivity.

To conclude, this feature assists HR managers to manage the complex shifts for large set of employees with a single click with complete accuracy. Choose TimeCheck software that facilitates shift management easily & efficiently. View our product demo to know more.

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