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Solution to Simplify Time Tracking & Fix Absenteeism in the Workplace

time and attendance monitoring system

Solution to Simplify Time Tracking & Fix Absenteeism in the Workplace

Employers believe the phrase “You cannot improve what you don’t measure”. In today’s workplace its crucial for employers to fix absenteeism as the impact is certainly big enough. Studies state, Overtime covers about 47 percent of employee absences and co-workers are seeming to be 29.5 percent less productive while covering the work load for absent employees.

So to overcome this productivity use time and attendance monitoring system and calculate paid time off to control costs related to paid absences. Increase workforce productivity by installing time & attendance monitoring software that provides you the real-time insight to identify problem & take action.

Integrate Time tracking software & simplify significant administrative burden for the HR department. Analysis of the reports generated allows both HR managers and SME business owners to gauge efficiency and effectiveness. Even remote employees, contractors, and fieldworkers, all of which can be managed using Time check Software.

Key features to Reduce Employee Absenteeism Include:

  • Allowing employees to have control over their schedules, letting them with the liberty to select and swap shifts at short notice.
  • Flexible schedule work option is another viable option for decreasing employee absenteeism.
  • Employee self-service portal to view their shift in in and shift out reports helps them manage their own schedules and enables them to increase efficiency
  • Increase employee morale, by easy editing of timesheets with e-mail, text message, or push notification alert on the abnormal punch activity or discrepancy before submission for payroll

It is imperative for a business owner or manager to place an efficient attendance tracking system that will automate manual processes & allow HR managers to seamlessly manage employee, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. To monitor attendance, reduce absenteeism, manage any Hr leave policy contact us.