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Things to consider before implementing a TC software for your organization

Things to consider before implementing a TC software for your organization

It is very common to spot a Biometric device in an office or an organization these days. Previously when employees had to punch their cards or when the timings were manual noted, there were errors and chances for some mal practices like buddy punching, wrong time entries etc.

The importance of time and attendance software has really been understood and most of the organizations have started using them extensively. Biometric devices with fingerprint scanning technology along with a time and attendance software have eliminated such errors and malpractices.

So if you are planning to go with employee time attendance software, what are the things we should look into before opting one? Let’s have a look into it.

Organization Size: For a small sized company, a basic time and attendance software is enough to record the clock in and out times and calculate hours. But for a big organization with growing number of employees, you should decide upon the number of devices needed and their placement, integrate with a time and attendance software.

Scheduling: If your company has multiple shifts, flexible timings, permission, late entry management etc. the software should provide flexible time calculation features as a whole and also to an individual employee according to the needs.

Custom Reports: Not only employee timings but the whole payroll process can be integrated in these software. List out the different kinds of reports you need to generate regarding employee management like worked hours, late entry, leave and permission, extra hours etc. The software you are going with should be able to give all those customized reports.

Data Storage and access: Consider the scalability of your organization and opt for a device, time and attendance software that will store the amount of data and generate custom reports. Also give access rights according to the users & their needs. Some may need only viewing rights and some may need administrator rights, therefore the software should be able to handle privileges based on user types.

Employee Access: Decide about the access and features to be given to employees. Time and attendance software allows employees to apply leaves, permission through the software for quick approval. They can track the leaves availed, late entry and HR can monitor their late working hours and can correct them to increase productivity.

Once the above points are satisfied by your time and attendance solution then you can go ahead on implementing the same in your organization. It is primarily your organization needs that define the time and attendance solutions, so for more answers to your questions, request a demo and make a wise decision.

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